Appraiser's Qualifications  Roger L. Hettema - MAI, SRA
  State-Certified General Appraiser 0000045
  email: roger@hettemasaba.com

Mr. Hettema is the senior principal of Hettema  Saba LLC (formerly Hettema, Saba, & Walch, formerly Gulf Appraisers-Consultants, Inc.), 2050 Proctor Rd, Suite A, Sarasota, Florida.  The appraiser is a licensed Real Estate Broker (Certificate #0039087) and a State-Certified General Appraiser 0000045 by the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board, under the Department of Profession Regulation.  The appraiser has participated full-time in real estate appraisal and consultation since 1976.  Employment prior to this time was concentrated in land development and construction and general real estate activities. 

General Education Background

University of South Florida, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Finance
Real Estate Principles and Practices for Salesman, Edison Community College, Ft. Myers, FL
Florida Real Estate Salesman's License, FREC
Real Estate Principles and Practices for Broker, Edison Community College, Ft. Myers
Florida Real Estate Broker's License, FREC
FNMA, Approved for Category 1, #1062558
Designated Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA), SREA
FNMA, Approved for Category 2, #1062558
Designated Member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), AIREA
State-Certified General Appraiser, State of Florida RZ 0000045
Associate Instructor Course 111, Appraisal Institute
Certified Instructor, Course 310, Appraisal Institute

Offices & Positions Held

1982-1983 Distinguished President - Gulf Coast Kiwanis Club
1985-1986 President - SREA, Chap. 212 - Now West Coast Chapter, Appraisal Institute (AI)
1984-1992 Team Captain, Admissions Committee, Greater Florida Chapter, AI
1986-1989 Director, Commercial Investment Division, Sarasota Board of REALTORS
1989-1990 Director, West Coast Investment Council
1990-1991 Special Master - Sarasota County Property Appraisal Adjustment Board
1993-1998 Region X Representative, West Coast Florida Chapter, AI
1994-1998 Director, West Coast Florida Chapter, AI
1994-1998 Special Master - Sarasota County Value Adjustment Board
1993-Present Team Member, Admissions Committee, West Coast Florida Chapter, AI
1995-1998 Member, Florida Bar Grievance Committee 12A

Typical Appraisal Assignment
Typical Evaluation Assignments
Retail & Professional Properties
Leased Fee/Leasehold Analyses
Shopping Centers 
Income & Cash Flow Analyses
Feasibility & Consultation Studies
Multiple Family Residential Properties
Buy/Sell Consultations
REO Analyses & Consultations
Light & Heavy Industrial Properties
Land (All classifications)
Eminent Domain Cases
Litigation Involving Real Estate Issues

Trial Experience

Extensive trial and mediation experience since 1982.  Practice includes valuation, pre-trial analyses, depositions, preparation of trial exhibits, and expert testimony.  Participation in cases involving litigation averages about 70 assignments per year.  Actual trial appearances vary with use of mediation and settlement but range from 10 to 20 cases per year.

Qualified Expert Witness in County Circuit Courts and U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Seminars & Courses Attended

Appraising Troubled Properties, Appraisal Institute
7 Hours
Hotel Valuation Seminar, Appraisal Institute
7 Hours
Appraisal Regulations of the Federal Banking Agencies, Appr. Inst.
4 Hours
Faculty Training Workshop, Appraisal Institute
13 Hours
Course 110 - Appraisal Principles - Challenged Exam
3 Hours
Taught Course 310, Capitalization, Appraisal Institute 
35 Hours
Understanding Limited Appraisal Assignments
7 Hours
USPAP Update 
7 Hours
Taught Course 310, Capitalization, Appraisal Institute
35 Hours
1996 Review Appraisers’ Workshop, DEP State of Florida 7 Hours
  Value Adjustment Board -- Hearing Master Workshop  2 Hours
  Special Purpose Properties 7 Hours
  USPAP - Core Law  7 Hours
  Data Confirmation and Verification Techniques  7 Hours
  Tree Trunk Formula Valuation 4 Hours
  The Internet and Appraising  7 Hours
1997  Broker Recertification Course  28 Hours
  Litigation Skills for the Appraiser 7 Hours
  Florida Condemnation Valuation 32 Hours
  Taught Course 310, Capitalization, Appraisal Institute 35 Hours
1998 Valuation of Detrimental Conditions  7 Hours
  USPAP/Law Update, Appraisal Institute 7 Hours
1999 Appraisal of Non-conforming Uses, Appraisal Institute 7 Hours
  FREB Seminar, Appraisal Institute   3 Hours
2000 The Appraisal of Retail Properties, Appraisal Institute    7 Hours
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